1943: Drink, you dirty Bum?

Not exactly modern hard rap, but school administrators weren’t amused when they heard students in the San Diego High cheering section “dissing” their  Hoover counterparts.

The Hilltoppers sung to the tune of an old Army field artillery ditty, “Over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail…as those caissons go rolling along”.

With apologies to Tom Ables, San Diego High, Class of ’44.

“Give a jeer, give a jeer,
for the  boys who drink the beer,
in the cellars of old Hoover High.

“They are drunk, they are bold,
and they always have a cold,
in the cellars of old Hoover High.

“So drink, drink, drink,
the beer is in the sink,
the scum is floating to the top.

“Scrape off that scum,
And drink, you dirty bum,
in the cellars of old Hoover High.”

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2 Responses to 1943: Drink, you dirty Bum?

  1. Rick says:

    Tony, it was fun researching that 1960-61 basketball season. The 2013 San Diego Section basketball playoffs are under way now, to be followed by Southern California playoffs, then a state championship. Teams like San Dieguito and Hoover never had that opportunity. Sad.

  2. Anthony Barajas says:

    Rich, thanks for the article you wrote about the 1961 San Dieguito Mustang basketball team. Your consideration is really appreciated. I will tell people about your website. I stumbled upon it while trying to find information about San Diego High school sports. Graduated from San Dieguito in 1962 and now live in Holtwood Pa. Many great memories about high school sports in San Diego County. Thanks. Tony

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