2013: Cathedral Sophomore Chases Devers

CLOVIS—Twenty-one of San Diego’s 90 entries qualified yesterday for this evening’s 95th State track-and-field championships at Buchanan High.

In arguably a mediocre season for the San Diego Section, a strong season finish is possible.

The state meet is the event in which winning is not always more important than improving on a personal best or setting a section record. The trials were satisfying enough.

Sophomore Hannah Labrie-Smith of Cathedral Catholic had the third-fastest effort in the 300-meter hurdles but her time of :42.27 was one-tenth of a second off Gail Devers’ section record.

Labrie-Smith should draw a good lane assignment tonight as she challenges one of the oldest records in the books, set in 1984 by Sweetwater’s future Olympic hurdles champion.

The meet was more than two hours old before Labrie-Smith became the first San Diego Section entry to record a season best.  She bettered her 100-meter time with a nonqualifying, wind-okay :12.2.

Alex Grigoriev of Rancho Bernardo is positioned for a run in the 800 meters.  He finished strongly in his heat, running career best of 1:51.90, second fastest qualifying time behind the 1:51.6 of Bakersfield Ridgeview’s Ivan Gonzalez.

Otay Ranch’s Carina Gillespie ran 2:11.10 for the second fastest girls 800.

Christian Freeman of Carlsbad dropped out of 1,600 to devote to the 3,200 tonight.  He has the fastest qualifying time going in, 9:03.51.

Poway’s boys 4×400 relay team is in a loaded field and seeded only ninth tonight, but the Titans ran 3:17.43, an improvement of almost four seconds in the last month.  They’ll probably have go well under 3:17 to earn a medal.

Other  possibilities include Brendan Song in the discus and Sydney Rush-Dunigan in the long jump.  Song’s 194-4 is the best throw in the state this year but the West Hills senior hasn’t hit that mark since April and was fourth in qualifying yesterday at 184-1.

Point Loma’s Rush-Dunigan, seemingly always struggling to find a good launch point, overcame five consecutive fouls (including three last week in the section meet) and reached 24-0 ½ to qualify third on the final jump of the competition.

Madison’s Doton Ogundeji was the only double qualifier, eighth in the discus at 173-6 and 10th in the shot put at 56-11 ¾.


100– Muhmmad (Sherman Oaks Notre Dame), 10.40. (nonqualifier) Ardis (La Costa Canyon), 10.86. Doan (St. Augustine), 10.90. Lucas (Poway), 10.90.

200— Muhammad (Sherman Oaks Notre Dame).  9.  Ardis (La Costa Canyon), 21.66. (nonqualifier) Lucas (Poway), 21.75.  Lewis (San Marcos), 22.41.

400— Parish (Etiwanda), 47.16.  (nonqualifier) Thomas (Scripps Ranch), 48.44.  DeHaven (Granite Hills), 50.43. Ozenbaugh (Poway), DQ, false start.

800— Gonzalez (Bakersfield Ridgeview), 1:51.60.  2—Grigoriev (Rancho Bernardo), 1:51.91.  (nonqualifier) Hernandez (Helix), 1:54.07.  Senese (Mt. Carmel), 1:54.94.

1600— Haney (Bakersfield Stockdale), 4:13.05. (nonqualifier) Morton (Mt. Carmel), 4:21.70.  Sweet (Point Loma), 4:22.47.  Sindel (Mt. Carmel), 4:24.12.

110HH— Morris (Concord de la Salle) :13.92.  (nonqualifier) Hartinger (San Pasqual) 14.46. Nelson (Del Norte) 14.87. Kenney (Carlsbad), 14.99.

300IH– Sicard (Gardena Serra), 37.30.  7–Howard (Steele Canyon),  37.99. (nonqualifier) Nelson (Del-Norte), 38.88. Hartinger (San Pasqual), 39.79.

4×100 Relay– Gardena Serra, 41.01.  (nonqualifer) Granite Hills, 42.47; Mt. Carmel, 42.84. Helix, 43.06 DQ, lane violation.

4×400 Relay— Gardena Serra, 3:13.68.   9. Poway, 3:17.43.  (nonqualfier) Mt. Carmel, 3:20.31, DQ, lane violation.  Steele Canyon 3:20.55.

HJ—Started at 6-5.  Eleven qualified at 6-7.  (nonqualifier) Williams (Mission Hills), no height.  Benson (Point Loma), NH.  Bush (Poway), NH.

PV—Started at 14-6.  Twelve cleared 15-5  3/4, including Law (Otay Ranch).  (nonqualifier) Bush Poway (14-6).  K. Pater (Mt. Carmel), no height.

LJ— Jackson (Gardena  Serra), 24-7 ¼.  3–Rush-Dunigan (Point Loma), 24-0 ½.  10—Adair (Rancho Bernardo), 22-11.  (nonqualifier) S. Pater (Mt. Carmel), 19-5.

TJ— Moore (Castro Valley), 49-0 1/4.  (nonqualifier) Jackson (Mount Miguel), 45-2 ¾.  Dodds (Oceanside), 43-8 ¾.  Tuff (Steele Canyon), 42-5 ¼.

SP– Patterson  (Encino Crespi), 62-8. 10.  Ogundeji (Madison), 56-11 ¾.  (nonqualifier) Braddock (Eastlake), 53-2.  Santos (Imperial), 53-2.

DISCUS– Taylor (Newport Beach Newport Harbor), 189-11. 4—Song, West Hills, 184-1.  8—Ogundeji (Madison), 173-6. (nonqualifier) Savage (Morse). 151-2.


100— Washington (L.B. Poly), 11.48.  (nonqualifier) Acolatse (Mission Hills), 11.98.  Labrie-Smith (Cathedral), 12.12.  Lawson (Eastlake), 12.22.

200—Washington (L.B. Poly) 23.39.  (nonqualifier) Mongiovi (West Hills), 24.97.  Johnson (Cathedral), 24.91.   Zlatic (La Jolla), 25.27.

400– Dorner (Rancho Cordova Cordova),  53.12.  7. Mongiovi (West Hills),  55.61.  (nonqualifier) Hernandez (Mt. Carmel),  56.69.  Armitage (Clairemont),  57.57.

800— Smith (Clovis North), 2:10.63.  2. Gillespie (Otay Ranch), 2:11.10.  9.  Sammer (Rancho Bernardo), 2:12.28. (nonqualifier) Harbison (Westview), 2:14.54.

1600– Hiltz (Aptos),  4:50.7. (nonqualifier) Emma Abrahamson (La Costa Canyon), 4:58.06.  Bernd (Canyon Crest), 5:01.6.  Ellie Abrahamson (La Costa Canyon), 5:12.65.

100IH— Wallace (Castro Valley), 13.49. (nonqualifier)  Labrie-Smith (Cathedral), 14.46.  Johnson (Cathedral), 14.70.  Hancock (La Jolla), 14.85.

300LH— Miller (Temecula Great Oak), 41.60.    3. Labrie-Smith (Cathedral), 42.27 (Section No. 2 all-time).  8.  Hancock (La Jolla), 43.17.  (nonqualifier) Lyons-Walker (Morse), 44.37.

4X100 Relay– L.B. Poly, 45.57.  Nonqualifier—Cathedral, 48.06.  Morse, 48.59. Mission Hills, 50.77.

4×1600  Relay– Piedmont Hills, 3:44.47.   (nonqualifier) Carlsbad, 3:54.04.  La Jolla, 3:55.37.   Bonita Vista, 3:57.94.

HJ—Twelve  cleared 5-6.  (nonqualifier) Curry (University City), 5-3 ¾.  Rowlett (Carlsbad), 5-3 ¾.  Yates (Rancho Buena Vista), no height.

PV—Eleven cleared 11-10, including Tolda (Cathedral).  (nonqualifier) Farr (Patrick Henry), 11 4 ¼.  Jackson (Ramona), no height.

LJ—Corrin (N. Hollywood Harvard-Westlake), 20-8.  8.  Zlatic (La Jolla), 18-4 ¾. (nonqualifier) Dozier (Mount Miguel), 17-2 ¾. Muhammad (L.J. Country Day), 15-5.

TJ– Wallace (Castro Valley), 40-10 ¾.  10—Cole (Del Norte), 38.0 ½.  (nonqualifier) Noiseaux (Eastlake). 35-9 ½. Van (Steele Canyon), 35-8.

SP—Scarvelis (Goleta Dos Pueblos), 51-11.  8.  Ward (Hoover),  41-11 ¾.  9.  Walker (Rancho Bernardo), 41-6 ½.  (nonqualifier) Sierra (El Capitan), 38-10 ¾.

DISCUS—(leading qualifier) Okwelogu (Clovis West), 170-6.  9—Smith (Helix), 136-10.  (nonqualifier)  Osby (Escondido), 124-3.  Zaybree (Scripps Ranch), 121-5.

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