2014-15: Poll Virtually Unchanged

The sluggish UT-San Diego poll showed no change in the first six positions from last week with  minor juggling after that, most notable being St. Augustine’s rising from 10th to seventh.

Meanwhile, there continues to be an absence of San Diego Section teams in the Cal-Hi Sports state top 20.

Torrey Pines, Foothills Christian, La Costa Canyon, and San Marcos have “On the Bubble” status.

UT-San Diego poll #8:

# Team (1st place votes) W-L Points* Previous
1 Torrey Pines (8) 23-2 107 1
2 Foothills Christian (3) 17-7** 100 2
3 La Costa Canyon 17-6 85 3
4 San Marcos 22-1 79 4
5 Army-Navy 20-4 60 5
6 El Camino 19-4 55 6
7 St. Augustine 19-6 30 10
8 Mission Bay 17-2 28 7
9 Morse 19-5 25 9
10 Francis Parker 14-6 36 8

*Awarded on 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis.  **Includes two forfeits.

Others receiving votes: Cathedral (13-7), 11; Escondido (15-7), 5; Kearny (18-7), 2.

Eleven San Diego County sportswriters and broadcasters, and a CIF San Diego Section representative vote each week. The panel includes John Maffei and Kirk Kenney (UT-San Diego), Terry Monahan (UT-San Diego correspondent), Bill Dickens (eastcountysports.com), Steve Brand (San Diego Hall of Champions), John Labeta (CIF San Diego Section), Bodie DeSilva (sandiegopreps.com), Aaron Burgin (fulltimeshoops.com), Rick Willis (KUSI Chl. 51), Rick Smith (partletonsports.com), Drew Willis (sdcoastalsports.com).

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2 Responses to 2014-15: Poll Virtually Unchanged

  1. John Harper says:

    In the overblown Championship tournament, 25% of Division 1 & 2 teams, 40% of Div 3 and a remarkable 50% of Div 4 have LOSING RECORDS. The CIF selectors must operate on Little League and PeeWee principles , “everyone gets a medal or trophy”. The “I can’t believe It” Oceanside coach , should shut up and go home and cry. Your pal Maffei’s whole story dwells on losers not getting into the tournament. His middle name should be Negative . Why do you think teams with higher seeds and/or better records are traveling on first round? Maybe too many CIF EGGHEADS playing favorites? Cheers, IW

    • Rick says:

      A point well taken, with some gusto, i might add. The ship sailed long ago on bad teams being rewarded with postseason bids. In football, Bonita Vista broke the ice in 1984. I would think the brackets could be cut to 8 in each division. That way, you’d have some real good matchups, as there are in the Open Division. But even after the CIF went to great length to devise true “power” ratings there were glitches, I think. I have misgivings about Vista’s being in the Open, instead of Frannie Parker, Morse, or Cathedral. We’ll see Friday night when Vista is ushered out quickly by Torrey Pines. Also, lots of blowouts and ugly games in the first round.

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