2012, Week 14: Monrovia, Then and Now

Will history repeat?

Madison will play at Monrovia in the Division III State Bowl playoffs this week in the first playoff ever matching a San Diego Section team against one from the Southern Section.

San Diego’s last playoff appearance as a member of the Southern  Section  was in 1959.

San Diego High’s 53-0 victory over Monrovia for the Southern Division championship (Long Beach Poly won the Northern Division) was a fitting farewell for Cavers coach Duane Maley and a farewell for this area.

Thirty-one San Diego County schools broke away after 45 years in the Southern Section to form the San Diego Section in 1960.


Huntington Beach Edison got the nod over Oceanside to play Gardena Serra in the State Bowl II Southern playoff.

The selection of the Chargers and other bowl playoff teams was determined by the  10 CIF section commissioners, including Jerry Schniepp of the San Diego Section.

Edison was the correct choice.

Schniepp officially and Oceanside coach John Carroll unofficially said all the right things and provided some strong testimony for the Pirates, but the Orange County team  had a “better” loss than Oceanside.

Edison (13-1) was beaten by Santa Ana Mater Dei, 20-14 in Week 4.  Oceanside (12-1) was a 30-20 loser to Temecula Chaparral in Week 3.

Mater Dei went to the Open Division finals in the Southern Section, posting an 11-3 record and 66.8 power rating, as determined by the dot.com entities Cal Preps and MaxPreps.

Chaparral was 7-1 before flattening out to a 7-4 record and 42.7 power rating.


The influential newsletter, Cal-Hi Sports, the final word in state high school coverage for more than 30 years, was almost apologetic when it finally dropped Oceanside below Edison in its Southern California rankings late in the season.

Oceanside’s fortunes were going down with Chaparral’s.

Oceanside (12-1) was missing key players when it was beaten by the Pumas, but, as Cal-Hi honcho Mark Tennis pointed out, teams’ injuries situations and bad luck are given no weight when the selection committee convenes.

Oceanside had a narrow power edge, 59.8 to Edison’s 59.3.

Madison (12-1) has a power rating of 42.5.  Monrovia (12-2) has a 32.0 rating.

Santa Fe Christian (10-3) is the second San Diego team in the bowl playoffs, taking on Arcadia Rio Hondo at Del Norte High.  The Eagles’ power rating is 23.9.  ‘Hondo’s is 25.1.

Rio Hondo has a playoff history with San Diego teams in 8-man football.

The Kares defeated Francis Parker, 55-20, in 1982, during a period in which an 8-man representative in San Diego was let into the Southern Section postseason, almost always against the top-seeded team.

Final Sportswriters/Sportscasters Poll
1. Oceanside (29) 12-1 290 1
2. Poway 10-3 221 6
3. Eastlake 10-3 195 9
4. Madison 12-1 174 8
5. Mission Hills 10-3 173 4
6. Helix 10-2 151 2
7. Lincoln 10-3 105 NR
8. St. Augustine 11-2 65 7
9. Cathedral Catholic  0-10  63 4
10. Valhalla 9-4 48 NR.
First-place votes in parenthesis
Points awarded on 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis
Team+Record+Points+Last Week

Others receiving votes: Olympian (41), Santa Fe Christian (20), Ramona (9), La Costa Canyon (9), Grossmont (5), Francis Parker (2), and San Pasqual (1).

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3 Responses to 2012, Week 14: Monrovia, Then and Now

  1. Richard Rachel says:

    Thanks Rick. I am surprised by the year. I wasn’t at Grossmont until 1957-58 and amazed that my parents would have let me go on a bus roadie as a Freshman! However, you are da man, so I’m sure you are correct. I knew it was a blowout, but come on, 41-0??? The fact that the Cavers then blew out Montebello just shows the disparity between Grossmont and San Diego in those years. One thing I remember vividly about the game was that Montebello was HUGE on the lines and just blew our little Foothillers guys off the field.

    Great info. Thanks again.
    Any thoughts on the Oceanside (left out) situation?

  2. Rick Smith says:

    Good to hear from you. Your memory is close to the mark. The Montebello Oilers took out Mickey Bruce and Company 41-0 in the third game of the 1957 season. San Diego ushered Montebello out of the playoffs in the quarterfinals that year, 27-7.

  3. Richard Rachel says:

    Hi Rick:
    Grossmont did a roadie to Montebello in 1960 or 1961, I believe? I was on that bus trip and it seems to me they beat the snot out of us? Any history? Not playoffs, but still a memory of a tough loss.
    Richard Rachel (friend of Don King)

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