2014-15: Give Morse Some Respect

Where have I gone wrong?

I voted for Morse as No. 5 in the UT-San Diego basketball poll this week.

I assigned No. 10 to Army-Navy.

The poll of 11 voters released today shows Army-Navy No. 5 and Morse No. 9.  No change from last week for either team.

Morse defeated Riverside John North, 96-88, in double overtime and Serra, 81-70, last week.

Army-Navy beat Francis Parker, 63-54, and lost to Foothills Christian, 76-59.

North has an 18-1 record and Serra is 13-7.  Francis Parker is 12-5 and Foothills Christian 16-5 on the floor but 14-7 because of two forfeits.

Army-Navy is 17-3  and Morse 18-4, although the Tigers’ record had been a mystery since the coach or student manager waited weeks before reporting several scores to the San Diego Section..

Morse’s schedule includes an 81-70 loss to Los Angeles Cathedral, the ninth-ranked team in the state.

The Tigers also have losses of 69-53 to Burbank Bellarmine-Jefferson, 59-45 to Beverly Hills, and 62-55 to Francis Parker.

Army-Navy’s two additional defeats were to St. Augustine, 60-43, and to La Costa Canyon, 59-45.

Morse’s loss to Parker was in December.   Army-Navy beat Parker last week.

The CIF’s “power ratings”  lists El Camino (a 54-46 loser to Army-Navy and which has played a mostly local schedule) as the top team in Division 1, with Army-Navy fourth, and Morse 10th.

I give Morse a slight edge, based on strength of schedule, over the Carlsbad boarding school and El Camino.

I give Army-Navy an edge in perceived North county brain lock by some poll voting members.

But maybe it’s me with brain lock.

UT-San Diego poll #6:

# Team (1st place votes) W-L Points* Previous
1 Torrey Pines (7) 19-2 104 3
2 Foothills Christian (4) 14-7* 102 T1
3 La Costa Canyon 13-6 83 T1
4 San Marcos 18-1 79 4
5 Army-Navy 17-3 59 5
6 El Camino 15-4 54 6
7 Mission Bay 15-1 38 8
8 Francis Parker 12-5 28 10
9 Morse 18-4 26 9
10 St. Augustine 16-5 24 7

*Awarded on 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis. NR–Not ranked. *Includes two forfeits.

Others receiving votes: Vista,  (17-4), 5; Kearny, (14-6), 3;  Escondido (11-7), 2.

Eleven San Diego County sportswriters and broadcasters, and a CIF San Diego Section representative vote each week. The panel includes John Maffei and Kirk Kenney (UT-San Diego), Terry Monahan (UT-San Diego correspondent), Bill Dickens (eastcountysports.com), Steve Brand (San Diego Hall of Champions), John Labeta (CIF San Diego Section), Bodie DeSilva (sandiegopreps.com), Aaron Burgin (fulltimeshoops.com), Rick Willis (KUSI Chl. 51), Rick Smith (partletonsports.com), Drew Willis (sdcoastalsports.com).

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