Girls All-Time







100m HH

300m IH

400m Relay

1600m Relay

High Jump

Pole Vault

Long Jump

Triple Jump

Shot Put


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  1. Matt Peralta says:

    Rick, I recently noticed Heather Leidle’s personal-best Triple Jump among the Girls’ all-time performances. It was just a couple of inches shy of her currently listed effort. Her actual mark (attained at the 2005 CIF Final) was 39 feet, ¾-inch. That was my first season coaching the horizontal jumps for Tom Lux’s Longhorns.

    PS: I’m returning to RBV track & field, just for the 2017 season. 🙂

    • Rick says:

      Thanks, Matt. I’ll let Steve Brand know. He’s always looking for corrections and additions. The lists I kept were up through the 1970s, when I gave way to Steve and Tom Shanahan.

  2. Matt Peralta says:

    Thanks, Rick. Since you mentioned it, “Ed Buchanan Track ” would indeed be an apt suggestion. But believe it or not… until quite recently, the powers-that-be were no longer planning to attach Birt Slater’s name to Kearny’s new stadium! That is, until Kearny’s Alumni Association caught wind of the snub and raised cain. But that, as they say, is “between you, me and the lamp post.” 😉

    PS: If you are able to take a gander at the new facility next month, you may notice how the 100m/200m/110m-hurdle straightaway is oriented on the far side of the “home” grandstand. The design mirrors that of the facilities at UCHS and Mt. Carmel and takes advantage of San Diego’s prevailing (westerly) breeze.

  3. Matt Peralta says:

    Rick, I noticed Jackie Thompson among the top-3 girls in the 100 and 200. Since her listed times were from 1973 and CIF competition for girls wasn’t officially sanctioned until the following spring, where would be the best place to research other such performances from 1968-73? I found results for girls in neither the SD Evening Tribune nor the SD Union today at the Central Library. With my school’s new stadium soon to be unveiled, any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated!

    • Rick says:

      Matt, I’d have answered sooner but was having computer problems. Jackie Thompson was a phenom but she competed almost totally unnoticed. I don’t where you would look for girls unsanctioned marks for 1968-73. I ran a boys best marks list during track season usually each Tuesday. Did that from 1961-72, then I left the paper and went to the Golden State Warriors. There were some outstanding marks made in the Easter Relays in April for the nondual meet events, such as sprint medley, 4-man, 4-mile, etc., but no girls events. When I returned to San Diego in 1977 I think I did the best marks in ’77 or ’78 for the Union. All other years I think it was Steve Brand. After I left in ’73 Will Watson kept up with the track for the Union. He was a former low hurdler himself. If you have a specific question, I’ll look around and see what I can find, sorry I can’t help more. The new stadium is for Kearny? Several great Komets names from the past…how about the ‘Ed Buchanan track’?

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