2014-15: Playoffs Now Get Serious

Ugly blowouts apparently in the rear view mirror, the San Diego Section basketball playoffs reach the semifinals round this week in the Open and Divisions I-V.

The so-called CIF power ratings, with  their comprehensive reviews of statistics, scores, strength of schedule, etc., raised questions when Vista was accorded an Open Division berth, resulting in Francis Parker and Morse being assigned to Division I.

San Marcos’ strength of schedule  was questioned when he it was granted a No. 3 seed in the Open.

St. Augustine, No. 6, defeated San Marcos,  60-45, and Torrey Pines, No. 1, walloped Vista, No. 8, 68-38.


Torrey Pines was 4-1 in intersectional games and hosted the nationally acclaimed Under-Armour Tournament, which brings teams from throughout the United States.

Vista was 1-5 in out-of-the area competition and participated in a lower level tournament in Westminster.

San Marcos was 5-0 intersectionally and won undistinguished tournaments in Maui, Hawaii, and at Mt. Carmel.

St. Augustine was 4-3 out of the area and was in the lower level West Hills event but also competed in the Under Armour and Santa Margarita tournaments.

The Open semifinals have St. Augustine (23-6) at No. 2 La Costa Canyon (22-6) and No. 4 Army-Navy (24-5) at Torrey Pines (27-2).

Hopefully early-round games involving undeserving, losing teams and  scores of 68-21, 92-29, 77-28, and 71-27 won’t be repeated and, in the future, more weight will be given to the quality of tournaments and intersectional competition.


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  1. Alex Ford says:

    That the CIF does not understand sports played by student athletes is not new. Probably every Section has complaints. Most times they are not ill-founded. A Power Grab is exactly what it usually is. The CIF often circles the wagons to defend incorrect, immoral, unethical or even illegal decisions. Make that unlawful decisions. The kids are the ones who suffer in the end. It’s been that way for a long time. And we wonder why some of the youth are headed the wrong way and will have a bitter taste in their mouths as they assume the responsibilities of adult-hood. If one wants a strong nation, the governing bodies of sports must recognize that its decisions destroy children in a democracy where equal protection is part of the Constitution. AF

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