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The blog objective is to provide a record of every San Diego County high school football season from the late 1800’s through today, as many as possible given the scarcity of the information in some seasons. Each year will include a  blog post narrative summary of season highlights, influential events, coaches and league officials.

A season scoring summary page accompanies each blog post. This page has game outcomes, game location, individual school information, and league affiliations and records for every team that competed that year. Some information, especially for the myriad of small San Diego County private schools, never made it into the San Diego newspapers or other publications.   The Union-Tribune database has been the source of most but not all scores since 1965.

Former players, coaches, sportswriters and fans who follow San Diego high school sports are invited to contribute with comments on errors and omissions.  Future seasons will be narrated and scores added as we move along.

The Author

Rick Smith

I was a young sportswriter covering the city high schools for the Evening Tribune in the 1960s, but my preparation for this assignment began years before.  As far back as high school I had shown  a nerdy interest  in what happened before I came on the prep scene.  I’d make trips  to the Central Library newspaper room and view microfilm of old issues of the Tribune and The San Diego Union and put together lists of scores.

All of this research came together when the  Tribune published the “High School Football Record Book,  From 1895 to 1965,” a 68-page compilation of San Diego County football scores and records made available to high schools and the general public. Forty-one  schools, members of the CIF San Diego Section that was formed in 1960, were cited.

(There have been three other Tribune publications  inspired by the football idea: Track and Field record books in 1965 and 1971 and  the High School Basketball Record Book, “From 1945-69” by Tribune writer Bill Finley).

The 1965 football volume included a substantial contribution from the late William (Bud) Maloney, a colleague on the Union  who had interests similar to mine.  Maloney, a graduate of Hoover High and one of the founding members of the Hoover Hall of Fame, would visit the fifth floor “morgue” at the newspaper’s old Second Avenue address and  view microfilm  after concluding his  4 p.m.-1 a.m. shift on the Union sports desk.

My writing and reporting actually  started in 1955 when Humberto Chacon, the sports editor of the Lincoln High Buzz, assigned me to cover the Hornets’ junior varsity football team. I had just enrolled in Mr. John DeBeck’s journalism class at the beginning of my junior year.

I later had professional  positions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and St. Louis, but San Diego always was home, and I  maintained an interest in San Diego’s outstanding high school sports scene.

After working in the NBA and NFL, and covering major sports events  for the  Tribune in a 50-year span, I retired a second time and came home for good in 2009.  I now had time to address a  lingering  idea of more than  20 years:  Reprising the 1965 football publication, this time not in print but in cyberspace.

It is an ongoing process.  The San Diego Section of the CIF now numbers at least 90 schools fielding teams, including nine from the Imperial Valley.  Holtville, Calipatria and Imperial joined in 1980, followed in 2000 by El Centro Central, El Centro Southwest, Blythe Palo Verde, Calexico, and Calexico Vincent Memorial.

A bow to noted historians and good friends William Swank and Don King for their initial support and research.   Swank is the dean of all that relates to baseball history in San Diego and is an accomplished biographer and book writer.  King is a board member of the San Diego High Alumni Association and author of “Caver Conquest“, the  athletic history of San Diego High dating to the 1880s and arguably the most complete and definitive publication of its kind.

Finally,  special thanks to my good friend and cyberspace mentor Henrik Jonson (see below) and to my  wife, Susie, always patient, always supportive.

Rick Smith, January, 2012.

The Webmaster

It all started when I heard my ol’ friend Rick typed his Upper Deck football cards on an IBM Selectric and faxed them to Upper Deck. I vowed from then on to keep Rick in current technology.

HJ_1955My personal journey started at age 9 as my sister Ann, 5,  and I bid goodbye to Grandma Nora and boarded an SAS DC 3 flight to join our parents in “Amerika”. On arrival after a 16-hour trip from Gothenburg, Sweden to New York, mamma Anna and pappa Sven drove us to Chicago in their new ‘55 Chevy Bel-Air. After another Atlantic criss-cross, and a brief stint in New York and New Jersey in the early ‘sixties, the entire family finally settled in Southern California in 1966.

The Tappan Zee ‘Flying Dutchmen’ in Rockland County, N.Y., was my high school team. I may have graduated #5 of 93 in the class of ’63, but I mostly picked up pine splinters for 3 years on the football team. Weighing in at ‘hefty’ 150 pounds, and low on the depth chart behind  perennial All-County performers, I nevertheless gave it 100 per cent  every day as an offensive and defensive end (#33 below).

1962 Tappan Zee

#36 after a Tappan Zee home game in 1962

After a home game, free food!

Looking back it was one of the best times of my life, as it should be, looking only forward with all dreams and aspirations intact. The camaraderie, lasting friendships, ribbing about being in the school chorus, towel snaps in the team shower, called ‘braintrust’ by non-college bound senior teammates for correcting their chemistry homework during homeroom, Atomic balm in the jockstrap, bus rides to away games, free hotdogs after home games, are all cherished memories. I know and understand why high school sports experiences are held in high esteem. I do.

Proudly holding my UCLA bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering I became a San Diego resident in 1970 at NCR, living in Scripps Ranch with Carol since 1972, now in Poway since 1987. I’ve continuously kept pace with electronics, then embedded software technology, and now with the ever-evolving tools and methods of ‘cloud’ based computing and the internet.

My long friendship with Rick gave me this opportunity to attempt mastery of website technology, creation and administration. To combine WordPress, HTML, PHP, SQL, ISP file organization and usage, and all other web-tools for an informative website for San Diego football fans is for me a naturally evolved pursuit.

Henrik Jonson, January, 2012.

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  1. mike valencia says:

    anybody remember kid named mike marrs at san diego high school in 1965?

    • Rick says:

      Played quarterback in football, didn’t he?

    • Alyssa Trometter says:

      Hi Rick, I just came across your website and wanted to say what an impressive job you have done with this archival material. Your work excites me both professionally as a historian but also personally, as Robert “Bull” Trometter’s granddaughter. Hope we can connect, I’d love to hear and see more!

      • Rick says:

        Helluva guy was your grandfather. Glib, folksy, to me the embodiment of a tough ex-Marine. Uni was nothing in football when he got there and he built a strong program and foundation for the schoool’s future success. Let me know if I can help in your aschival endeavors.

  2. Dr. Ronald E. Bechtel says:

    Recently I was told by my head Art Filson (Mar Vista). I was told that I had made Honorable Mention on Mar Vista football team . My name is Ronald E. Bechtel and I graduated in 1961 so my best guess was 1960. Also my name was misspelled as Ronald E. Bechtall

    • Rick says:

      Was this honorable mention all-Metro League? Also, please mention to coach Filson that he is pictured with a couple Hoover teammates in my narrative on the 1944 season.

  3. Eugene Kaelin says:

    Hi Rick, My name is Eugene Kaelin. I was Captain of Mar Vista’s Football team in 1968.
    Mar Vista tied with Chula Vista for first place. MV had 5 wins, one lost. CV had 5 wins one lost.
    Why I am writing is the MV webmaster said this was not correct. He referred us to you..

    He said SDiego Prep said this was not true. I remember because I was Captain. Can you please help?

    I checked your web site and could not find this yr.. Thank you!!!

    • Rick says:

      Eugene, if you go to the partletonsports.com site you’ll see a list of links. Go to the link that is titled “Football.” Open that and scroll to “Year” and you will be able to find the year you want. Open the year and there will be a list of scores for that season. Are we talking about the right year? Chula Vista was 5-1 in league play and 7-2 overall, according to my records. My list has Mar Vista with a 2-4 league record and 3-6 overall. Let me know if you have further information and thanks for writing.

  4. Jon Driffill says:

    looking for any info on the 1967 basketball runnerups mt miguel who won the cif championship in 68. I believe Kenny Greenman was one of (or) the best player. thanks, Jon Driffill

    • Rick says:

      John, give me a few days. I’ll be writing about the 1967-68 season and will do some 1966-67 research. Greenamn was pivotal to the Matadors during that run.

      • Rick says:

        Kenny Greenman averaged 20 points a game for the 32-0 Mount Miguel Matadors in 1967-68. He more or less took a back seat to Oscar Chavez and Mike Ela on the 25-6 1966-67 club but is a legendary figure on those two teams that were a combined 57-6. We all talk about the great Bill Walton Helix team of 1969-70. Would loved to have seen that matchup.

  5. Anthony Barajas says:

    Rick, can you explain the difference between the san Diego Hillers and the San Diego High Cavers. Were they two teams from the same high school? I never understood the difference. I remember the San Diegi Hi Cavers with Ezell Singleton, they were really good, but it always seemed that Long Beach Poly woule beat them. I graduated feom San Dieguito in 1962.

    • Rick says:

      There always has been just one school. The first name was “Hilltoppers”, presumably because the campus is on a hill rising above Park Boulevard and at that time overlooked the city. A student sports writer came up with the name “Cavemen”, in 1921, according to Don King, author of “Caver Conquest”. Headline writers over the years used names such as Hillers, Hillmen, Cave, Cavers. For a more comprehensive take on the Cavemen story go to our website’s home page and enter “1922” in the search box in the right column. There is an item titled “Resembling Early Man”. Legend had it that there were caves located in the school buildings. Not so, according to Don King’s research that included his having access to all yearbooks and annuals and the school newspaper, “The Russ.” The Ezell Singleton team of 1958 was 10-0 and the top seeded entry in the Southern California playoffs, but it was knocked out, 26-18, by Long Beach Poly. Such has been the Cavers’ history against Poly, which holds a 24-11-1 all-time record against San Diego High. Thanks for writing again, Anthony.

      • Anthony Barajas says:

        Rick, thanks for your reply and the explanation you provided. That really clarified it for me. Lots of fond memories of high school sports in San Diego county. I was surprised when Poly beat San Diego High that year. I’m not sure but I thought that Poly team either had one of these running backs on that team Wiliie Brown or Dee Andrews. In 1958 San Dieguito had a pretty good football team that was led by running backs Jummy Mitchell and David Rightmer. They played Brea Linda in the playoffs. Brea Linda won 34_ 20. The difference was San Dieguito gave up touchdowns on a kickoff and punt return. Again thanks for all the high sschool sports information you provide.

      • Rick says:

        Dee Andrews, Willie Brown, Lonzo Irvin, and Willie Martin were the essential Poly runners. Andrews sustained a broken collarbone early in the ’58 game and Brown and Irvin ran wild. The game was not as close as the final score. Poly outgained San Diego on the ground, 395-90. I remember Jim Mitchell and David Rightmer and those Ernie Zeno-coached teams. Correct me if I’m wrong. but I think Mitchell was killed in Vietnam and that a San Dieguito basketball tournament was named after him.

      • Anthony Barajas says:

        Rick, thanks for the detail on the San Diego/Poly game of 58. I was not aware that the game was not actually that close and that there was such large difference in the rushing yardage of that game. You are correct, Jim Mitchell was killed in Vietnam in 1965 and they did have a basketball ball tournament name after him at San Dieguito. Jim was not only a great all around athlete but also a great human being .

  6. Andy DiDomenico says:

    And that team pic is amazing! Bob Scolaro was one of my Pop Warner coaches, Rich Blauvelt my freshman coach and Coach Hince my HS PE teacher. Also, TZ started a hall of fame about 6 yrs ago and has inducted Howie Pierson, George Coates and Jim Spearman. I’d like to share the 62 team pic on our TZ Alumni facebook page if that would be ok. If you’re a facebook user please join us at TZ Football Alumni.


  7. Andy DiDomenico says:


    My name is Andy DiDomenico, a Tappan Zee grad, and current head football coach at TZ. I stumbled across your website and love the passion you and Rick have for the game! Keep up the good work and, if you’re interested, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear more about your experiences at TZ and in Southern California.


  8. Rick says:

    Holly, you’re breaking new ground for me. I wish Jack Mashin were still with us. I’m sure I could have been enlightened. Do you see any other football results than 1902?

  9. Holly says:

    According to the Knox Museum, “El Cajon Valley” may actually be “Cajon Valley (High) School,” and may have had a football team at the turn of the century.

    Later, on July 12, 1920, a unification election was held, Riverview High School and Cajon Valley were consolidated. They temporarily became Grossmont High School for the 1920-21 and 1921-22 school years.

  10. Rick says:

    I haven’t looked at 1902 for awhile. Those very early scores were lifted from the 1965 book I did for the Evening Tribune. El Cajon Valley High opened in 1955, splitting from Grossmont, which opened in 1920. The 1902 squad had to be a town team. In fact there is some question as to whether San Diego High played Escondido High or a town team in what has been accepted as the first interscholastic game in the County in 1898. I’m going to change those early El Cajon Valley scores. For the moment I’ll just leave them as El Cajon. Thanks for writing.

  11. Holly says:

    It says, here: http://www.partletonsports.com/?page_id=105&year=1902
    that San Diego High TWICE played “El Cajon Valley,” but there is nothing on El Cajon Valley. Was ECV a town team (instead of a school team)?

  12. John Dahlem says:

    Rick….thank you very much. We were founded on March 29, 1913, at a track meet in Los Angeles. I have written quite a bit of history for the CIF-SS and you can find our holdings on cifss.org/History-Holdings.
    Feel free to contact me anytime. Come up and visit and I will show you our holdings, etc. Dave Blunt was my fraternity brother at the University of Oregon and was so thrilled to see his photo along with his deceased brother. I am the past president of the CIF-SS, and now the voluntary historian in my retirement. San Diego was very dominant in our early years, especially in wrestling (Frank Crosby) and great football teams. Thanks for all that you do for San Diego Sports.


  13. John Dahlem says:

    Rick….my name is John Dahlem and I am the volunteer historian at the CIF Southern Section and I am doing research on all of our CIF-SS Football champions and would like to find a photo of the great 1916 San Diego High School team…any idea where I could find it.

    Many thanks,


    • Rick says:

      On the masthead of my blog is a photo of the 1916 San Diego High team. I can scan and email if you like. Can you tell me the date in 1914 that the CIF was formed and would you have any articles about that?

  14. mike allen says:

    I have a bob breitbart certificate from 1969 listing the 1st second and third team all-cif football teams. I thought the name sounded familiar looked it up and sure enough there is paul Lawton san marcos first team all-cif running back

    • Rick says:

      As a junior Lawton led the County in scoring with 24 touchdowns, 144 points. When San Marcos left the Palomar League and entered the bigger, tougher Avocado, Lawton still was among the County’s leading scorers with 20 touchdownms and a total of 130 points. Bob Woodhouse’s team earned respect quickly.

  15. Jim Brown says:

    Rick and Henrik, thank you! This site is terrific and the tremendous amount of work you have put into it is much appreciated. I first met Rick in 1963 at the B Street home of my friend Rob Ortman, whose father was the columnist for the San Diego Evening Tribune. At that time, Rick was the Trib’s prep writer hanging out at the Ortman’s house and I was just a friend of Rob’s who hung out there as well and the victim of much cajoling.

    As the newly named Editor-in-Chief of The Russ (San Diego High School’s student newspaper), Rob was insistent that I join the staff as his Sports Editor. Aside from a strong interest in sports and being a knowledgeable fan of SDHS (my brother had been a state champion wrestler there in the mid-50’s) sports who had been attending Caver football games since I was six, I had no qualifications. I was also a poor and lazy student who could not type, and did not learn to type for another 10 years.

    Under much duress, I took the job, and the experience had a lasting impact on my life. Until that point, fishing was the only thing that gave me confidence. Seeing my by-line in the Russ twice a month and on Saturday mornings in the San Diego Union (high schools sports editors called in the results of Friday night games in return for $6 and a by-line) gave me a bit more at a time when this 16 year-old kid needed it most.

    I followed up with a 35 year career managing the city’s reservoir system that required a good deal of writing and moonlighted as a free-lancer covering the outdoors for a variety of publications, including a decade as a stringer for The Tribune.

    From time to time over the 50 years since I first met Rick, his name came up a number of times, almost always with reverent appreciation for his encyclopedic knowledge and passion for prep sports.

    Thanks again guys!

    ps – Rick, traded emails with Rob last week and he is doing well in Hawaii.

    • Rick says:

      Jim: Thanks for the update. I’ve read of your accomplishments over the years through the reports from our mutual friend, Ed Zieralski. I remember those days at 2940 B Street (I think that was the address) and, like you, I got my start on the school paper at Lincoln and had some bylines on the Union’s Saturday prep page. Give my best to Rob–I have a lunch date later this month with Carol and Cy–and all the best to you.

      • Jim Brown says:

        Rick, please pass my regards along to Carol and Cy when you see them. They were kind enough to host a dinner that got us all together a few years back. A fine meal followed by a fair amount of alcohol naturally led to the great drunk dialing idea of calling Professor Charles Snow at 2 a.m., Penn State time.

  16. Rick Roper aka farnsworth says:

    Rick,I was researching SD politics and wandered into SD sports. Don’t know why, thinking of Lincoln basketball. I was at Saints(St Augustine) the night Tommy Shalles(?) dismantled Lincoln almost single handedly. I remember that scored 61 points in game that that year, is that still a record?
    I have many sports memories.As you may recall I loved basketball and still after many years watch NBA (why is it that Rick Barry could never convert anyone to underhand free throws ?) Do you still have a thing for Studebakers ? Aloha, Rick

    • Rick says:

      Roper, a.k.a. Blomendale, good to hear from you. Shaules had 38 points that night at St. Augustine as Lincoln lost, 74-50, but the Hornets upset the Saints later at Lincoln, winning 55-38, and holding Tom to 12 points. His high scoring game was 60 at Crawford in a 102-38 victory. I’m not sure that Rick Barry’s kids even shot free throws underhand. How’s Randy?

  17. Phil Ross says:

    Hi Rick

    I was heartened to see that you’re going strong with the blog on the topic you love most, SD prep sports, especially after being saddened a few years ago by the deaths of Dave Moon and Alan Malamud, having seen the latter and his bad rug or comb-over as the reporter in all those movies. Any time I see the Chargers on TV, I always think of you. Despite 30-plus years in the daily news and PR biz in CA, TX, NV and CO, I still hold some of my most cherished memories from the old SoCal prep sports days as among the best. I eventually “retired” in ’09 in Denver, giving me a chance to focus on my writing, although Parkinson’s has slowed me down. I am author of a new non-fiction book on Amazon.com and Kindle. (The following are Amazon key search words: mr phil ross). Below is a synopsis:

    “Once A Trojan Always A Trojan: A True Story” by Phil Ross follows the Forrest Gump-like life of Joe Obbema, a teammate of O.J. Simpson, Simpson’s fellow College and Pro Football Hall of Famer Ron Yary, Tim Rossovich and several other first-round NFL draft choices on the 1967 USC consensus national championship football team, on which Obbema was the youngest player. The story stage spins from three key games during that run, through the triumphs and tragedies in Obbema’s life. Along the way are humorous, tragic and action-packed moments, including Obbema’s colorful and fight-dominated sideline as a bouncer while studying for his teaching certificate.Included are first-hand interviews with several former NFL head coaches and college teammates who have been Obbema’s lifelong friends, and those of the longtime “Voice of the Trojans,” Tom Kelly. The book is not merely a story about a successful football career that was shortened by injuries, but is designed to illustrate how it relates to life in general. (BTW, Rick, there are numerous anecdotal references and quotes regarding ex-Chargers and other ex-AFC West players and coaches, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the stuff about places like Manhattan of La Jolla and guys I interviewed for the book like Tim Rossovich, Jim Melillo and Coaches Dave Levy and Dick Coury, among others.)

    I’ll be more than happy to find a way to sign any personal copies bought by you, family members, friends or business acquaintances. — All the best, PHIL ROSS

    • Rick says:

      Regarding Joe Obbema, our line coach with the Chargers was Dave Levy, who asked that I give Joe a couple press box passes for a game in Jack Murphy Stadium in the early ‘eighties. I remember Joe and his friend well. Jimmy Melillo is an old friend. He went to Sweetwater High with my future wife, Susan Andrews. I’ll check out your book. Good to hear from you, Phil.

  18. MIKE SMITH says:

    Rick, Mr Stox, Great pick Great place, in the old days,closed last March. I’ve been told it’s a strip club, I mean, ERR, ERR, Ahh, Ahh a GENTLEMAN’S CLUB. Again A GREAT GREAT SITE !!!!!!.

    • Rick says:

      I had many lunches at Mr. Stox with our coach, Chuck Knox, when Rams were in Anaheim, usually joined by one of the local or L.A. sports media. Strip clubs probably don’t suffer as much as restaurants when the economy sours.

  19. MIKE SMITH says:

    Rick, what a Great Site–THANKS–. Need help with anything please let me know. If you ever get to Orange County–Dinner, Drinks, what ever is on ME!!!!!.OK. Glenn Forsythe running up the score was his M.O.–To the dismay of people, as evident in the next game with Mountain Empire—- 56-0- at the half. Mayer and Romine (Great Back Too) played the whole game. NO SUBS. He wanted 100, and told us on the sidelines. (95-0) I played for McCutcheon the next year –12-0–. He asked me about that score, I gave McCutcheon the answer in 1993, Forsythe was not a nice guy. McCutcheon said he would have punted on first down. MIKE SMITH 1958-1959—23-0 GO DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick says:

      Mike, an interesting observation about Forsythe, who I knew only in a media-coach relationship, in which the media doesn’t always see the real person. Is Mr. Stox restaurant still serving steaks in Anaheim?

  20. Mike Smith says:

    Gary Mayer was- All Power Back–PURE STUD–As a reserve running back on that 1958 Team–I saw it all. After college I played for the Orange County Rhinos Pro-Football Team (1967) next to Mickey Flynn, 2 Time Most Valuable Football Player CIF Class AAA Big Schools (Anaheim High) 1955 and 1956–Gary was a better player– Gary scored 198 points in 1958, 26 Touchdowns and 42 Points after.The SAN MIGUEL GAME was 79-0, website has 73-0. Ramona stop San Miguel on forth down–time– for one play. Gary scored on a 89 yard run -with no time left !!!!!! Philip Warnes Team Manager as did Coach Halvarson keep great statistics.——————Mike Smith, 1958 Team 11-0, 1959 Team 12-0. GO DOGS !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick says:

      Mayer was an outstanding player, but Mickey Flynn, in high school, played on a much larger stage, so it’s hard to make a comparison. I’m going to re-visit the scoring stats for Ramona’s 1958 season through the files kept by Jerry Magee of The San Diego Union. We have Gary scoring 25 touchdowns and 43 extra points for a total of 193 in 1958. I believe that was the total reported when he was selected Southern California Small Schools player of the year. Glenn Forsythe had a great program there in the late ‘fifties and Bob McCutcheon followed with another championship in ’59. That’s a great note about Gary scoring on the last play of the San Miguel game, but what was he still doing in the game with the score so lopsided? You might want to look up the story on Gary that I did on the website after he passed away. Thanks for writing.

  21. Randy says:

    Hello, I’m Gary Mayer’s son. He scored 191 points in 1958 and won the Thom McAn Trophy for being the Most Valuable Football Player CIF Class “A”. Additional information can be found at this site: http://library.la84.org/SportsLibrary/HELMS/Football/CIFFOOTBALL1958.pdf

    Gary passed away on September 19, 2013.

    • Rick says:

      Randy: Very sad to hear about your father’s passing. According to our records, Gary scored 193 points in 1958 on 25 touchdowns and 43 points after as the Bulldogs stormed through the season, scoring 514 points and posting an 11-0 record that included a Southern California Class A championship. I haven’t written about that season but I certainly will acknowledge some of the great things your father did. Thanks for writing and letting us know.

  22. Mike Sommers says:

    Paul Lawton played for the Knights from 1967-69. The Scores tab is a great resource for the Team information, and I didn’t have any information relating to the time Bob Woodhouse was at SMHS. I am looking for somewhere to obtain the individual game statistics, so I can build those. If you think of anything, please let me know. I appreciate the work you’ve done on this website. Thanks!

    • Rick says:

      Individual stats are going to be tough. I was a prep writer for the old Evening Tribune in early ‘sixties. We’d run roundups in every Saturday prep edition but a player’s individual stats seldom came to light unless they were cited in the advance story on a big game, or if he made all-CIF, etc. You could get some individual stats out of those roundups but there was no guarantee there’d be a weekly mention of someone’s exploits. There’s also the tedious task of going through old game film if any exist. Friday (advances) and Saturday (results) prep sports pages of the Tribune and Union were thorough but not all inclusive. Good luck.

  23. Mike Sommers says:

    I need some help with some records for San Marcos HS. I am in the process of trying to revive, and update, the records for our Knight Football program. John Maffei and Terry Monohan were very helpful, before NC Times closed, with game statistics and information back to 1978. Do you know where I could begin to find statistics from 1961, the first year of SMHS, thru 1977? In looking through the CIF record books, I see that Paul Lawton was one of the better players in our school’s history, but I don’t have game information. Any assistance, and/or guidance, will be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Mike Sommers

    • Rick says:

      Mike: Find the Scores link on this website. That will lead you to a link that lists scores by team. You can find all of San Marcos’ scores dating to its opening season, 1961. I remember Paul Lawton. Can you tell me the years he played? Junior Morton was an outstanding player in the Knights’ early years. He scored 15 touchdowns and 100 points on Bob Woodhouse’s 7-2 team in 1963.

  24. Rob says:

    Rick, I really enjoy this web site — especially all the historical scores … a real learning experience! I enjoyed your recent article about Glen Forsythe and the 1954 Ramona season. How about something on their 1958 squad?

    And speaking of 1958 — your Top Scorers section is missing Ramona’s Gary Mayer … 191 points. (By the way, I never lived in Ramona — just a distant fan.)

    • Rick says:

      Rob: I haven’t covered the 1958 season but will soon. Actually, I have Gary Mayer scoring 193 points in 11 games, 25 touchdowns and 43 PAT. Forsythe had a great run with the Bulldogs. They also did pretty good with Bob McCutcheon, but the 1958 team arguably was the best small schools team ever around here. The individual scorers pretty much cover only the years about which I’ve written. I’m working with my cyber expert to create a category of leading scorers by year. That way we’ll know that the overall list won’t be complete until we have all of the years. Mayer, at the time, ranked second all-time in the County to Oceanside’s C.R. Roberts, who scored 194 points in 9 games in 1953.Thanks for writing and reading.

  25. Bob Cluck says:

    Enjoy the site so much especially the old stories. How about some baseball stuff this season?

  26. leon says:

    I am trying to locate football films from my 1981 Hoover high football season. Can someone please point me in the right direction. My email is integra_2008@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  27. richard cota says:

    Hi Rick: Full props to you and your prep football history. School by school and year by year. I don’t know how you were able to compile all of it but it’s amazing. Also, it settles all bar bets. Especially with those shoulda, woulda, coulda types. You know the “I blew out my knee” kind of guys.
    There aren’t 8 million stories in your prep football yearbook, but close to it! Richard

    • Rick says:

      Thanks, Richard. I hope to dabble in track during the spring. Doing a little basketball now. It’s a continual work in progress,but I enjoy the pursuit. seems like i find something I have to correct every day. All the best.

  28. George Donald Mckenzie says:

    Rick, what would your thoughts be as to David Shaw becoming the next Charger head coach ?

    • Rick says:

      I don’t know if David has coached on the pro level. he was a coaching intern at our L.A. Rams training camp in 1993, when his dad was on Chuck Knox’s staff. I’m really impressed with what Shaw has done at Stanford. They kind of play a pro style game, heavy hitting running attack and big, tough off. linemen. The move from college to pro can be tricky. Jonh Madden went from San Diego State defensive coordinator to linebackers at Oakland and a year later he was the Raiders’ head coach. I would think David Shaw could move into the pros. Hey, Norv’s not gone yet.

  29. George Donald Mckenzie says:

    Graduated from Sweetwater 57. Found your wonderfull website thru Don Norcross.
    Many great memories starting with C.R. Roberts running over a outmaned SU HI team
    I have a great picture of my dads National city high school football offense of 1919.
    This photograph predates Sweetwater high school.

    • Rick says:

      Don: That was a pretty good era at Sweetwater Barney Newlee’s ’53 Red Devils, with Don and Dennis Magee forming a QB-Center combo, were the only team other than Chula Vista to beat Roberts and Oceanside. I’m Lincoln, ’57. I remember an outstanding sprinter on the track team, Bill Walters (was he killed in Viet Nam?) and a swift little redhead, Jim Stewart, plus footballers Keith Luhnow, Jimmy King, George McElvain, and others. The ’58 Red Devils went all the way to the CIF semifinals. Mike Fogelsong had a terrific nickname: The ‘Frisco Freight. Thanks for writing.

      • George Donald Mckenzie says:

        Wow!! what a great memory or library you have. Tom Parker coached those very good
        Sweetater teams. Of those you mentioned
        only Jimmy King is still living. Jim went on to have a great career with the FBI.

      • George Donald Mckenzie says:

        I played baseball at SU HI and remember playing against a good Lincoln team with Bob Mendoza ( A man among us boys ) and Bob Moss also a tough right hander named Brad Griffith if I remember correctly.

      • George Donald Mckenzie says:

        You must also have some great memories of track
        meets between SD and Lincoln. Roscoe Cook, Bobby
        Staten, David Grayson were
        some of the best in the state
        at that time.

      • Rick says:

        A friend saw Grayson playing golf on the nine-hole course yesterday at Balboa Muni. Staten is alive and well, retired from Los Angeles probation department and living in L.A. Crenshaw area. Roscoe passed away in Alpharetta, Georgia, earlier this year. The 1957 CIF finals at Chaffey High in Ontario remains one of my all-time sports thrills. Staten came from behind in the final leg of the 880 relay and San Diego claimed the team title. Roscoe won the 100 in the disputed :09.4, then they made it a tie between Cook and Preston Griffin of Centennial. Mission Bay’s Jim Cerveny set a record in the 880-yard run and my guy, Luther Hayes of Lincoln, won the broad jump.

      • Rick says:

        I see Bob Mendoza often, when we visit Coach Harvey in El Cajon. Mendoza lives in Point Loma and I think he and his wife are involved in antiques. He must have coached at Morse for 25 years. Moss moved to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, about three years ago but gets back here a couple times a year. Brad was a very successful head football coach for 20 years or so at Mira Mesa, then coached girls’ softball, finally hanging it up this fall.

      • Rick says:

        Is Dennis Magee gone? Last I heard he was with his native Pala Indians. Don owned a Standard station at Sepulveda and Venice in Culver City and survived a terrible beating when his station was robbed. I don’t know how long he lived after that.

      • George Donald Mckenzie says:

        I also was at Chaffey high school that awesome day. That was to me a day to remember forever. As for the Maghee brothers I think Don passed on but am not aware of Dennis’

  30. admin says:

    Excerpt courtesy of SDUT Don Norcross 2012/12/07 from

    Former Evening Tribune sportswriter and Chargers PR man Rick Smith emailed to remind readers that Stanford head football coach David Shaw is the son of former Lincoln High product and longtime coach Willie Shaw.

    Willie Shaw, 68, coached for seven NFL franchises and five colleges, covering 33 seasons.

    Smith covered a 1961 Lincoln-St. Augustine game for the Evening Tribune when Willie Shaw rushed for 128 yards in a 13-6 upset of the Saints.

    Years later when Willie Shaw was an assistant for the St. Louis Rams and Smith was the clubs’ PR director, Smith made a copy of his story detailing Shaw’s prep feats and taped it to Shaw’s office door.

    “He was a little surprised,” Smith said. “The coaches saw it and razzed him.”

    Prep historian

    Smith’s Web site, partletonsports.com, is a must for the San Diego County football historian.

    Incredibly researched, the site includes the scores of almost every season for every local school, some dating back to 1895.

    The site also features Smith’s tales on everything from Grossmont High going 8-0-3 in 1927 under coach Ladimir (Jack) Cashin to Junior Seau to Vista’s 2-0 win over Torrey Pines this year. In a span of 758 games it was Vista’s second 2-0 safety-only win. The other came in 1958 against Palm Springs.

    Final add, Smith

    Why the handle partletonsports.com?

    Smith’s father’s last name was Partleton. He changed it after joining the Canadian Army and serving in World War I.

    Said Rick, “I asked him, Couldn’t you have been more inventive than Smith?”

  31. Richard Rachel says:


    Great reacquaiting with you today. Great site! I was mistaken about the thrashing that Escondido gave my Foothillers in 1961…it was 1962, 0-12, at their house. It was cold and wet and we got smoked. Of course, it didn’t really matter because we would always lose to the Highlanders in any case.

    I look forward to visiting the site in the future. Thanks for all you do on behalf of San Diego sports history.


    Richard Rachel
    Grossmont, Class of ’62 (A mere 50 years ago)

  32. Mike says:

    Rick, I have been doing the same thing for over 40 years. I have the same book published by the Union-Tribune in 1965. When I lived in San Diego (before 1986) I spent many hours at the library researching old newspapers. I found a lot of errors in the book, so I began to validate the scores looking through old newspapers. I never finished going through every year, but have done a number of them. Primarily when I found conflicting scores, I would try to look it up. Often the small schools (old Southern League) before the 60s got little press. Two schools are missing from the history. Mountain Empire was not part of the SDCIF in 1965. But prior to 1960 when San Diego schools competed in the Southern Section, they competed in the Southern League from 1950-59 and I believe even with the big schools in 1926 and 1931 from what I could tell. Also missing is Brown Military. They moved into Army-Navy’s old campus in 1937 and competed in the Southern League until 1957. After that they moved to Glendora. In my research I gotten some of their scores, but never a complete one because the newpaper did not have a page with high school summaries until the 1960s. I’d be glad to share anything additional I might have.

  33. Rick this is wonderful, what a gift .

    • Rick says:

      Stephen: Thank you. there’s more to come.

    • Ted Hogencamp says:

      Rick; Your old neighbor from Avenida Magnifica Scripps Ranch. Saw your name and website mentioned in Don Norcross’ blurb in the UT, thought I would say hello. I like your HS football history. Ted

      • Rick says:

        Ted: How are your two boys? It’s been awhile. Our house burned to the ground in ’03 but we rebuilt on the same site. All the best.

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