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  1. Lee Lambert says:

    GREAT website… I hope more folks discover it !!

  2. Rick Smith says:

    I don’t have the stats for 1989 or 1991 at this time.
    For 1990, I have Munoz as the leading passer based on yards per game and with the most touchdown passes: 8 games, 243 att., 129 completions, 1,816 yards, and 18 touchdowns. Apparently he missed a couple games and the Lancers were not in the playoffs. The regular season was 10 games.

    Lugo played 8 games and had 32 receptions for 639 yards, and 9 touchdowns. Lugo’s 20-yard average was No. 1. Hilltop had another receiver named White, who caught 34 passes. Lugo ranked 11th in receptions.

    I hope this helps. If I get info for the other years, I’ll let you know.

    • Rick says:

      Justin: Here’s a little more: Munoz was 17 for 32 for 298 yards and 3 touchdowns as Hilltop was eliminated in the first round of the ’91 playoffs. Munoz completed his career ranked second in the San Diego Section in passing yards with 5,712. Morse defeated the Lancers, 44-22, and Morse coach John Shacklett said: “The one thing I didn’t want is to come in here and have a shootout. Munoz does a helluva job and that wide receiver, we couldn’t do anything with him. He was unstoppable.” Bobby Lugo, the wide receiver for Hilltop, caught 9 passes for 226 yards and 3 touchdowns.

  3. Rick, I was just curious…… I know you do a lot with SDS-CIF football history.
    Two of my oldest and dearest friends are not reflected in the CIF record book for football, although their accolades could / can be found in the archives of the San Diego Union (or) Tribune (when they were still two different papers).
    They would never care, but their kids might like to see it.
    • QB – Jorge Munoz – Hilltop High School c/o 1992 (seasons or ’89, ’90 and ’91), was at one point the 2nd All-time Leading Passer in the history of San Diego Section – CIF, second only to Jim Plum.
    This was in the paper and on Coach John Kentera’s radio show, but never made it into the book. At the time, Chad Davis was breaking the national H.S. passing record, and both seasons he was in San Diego, Jorge passed for more yards than he did.
    • WR – Bobby Lugo – Hilltop High School c/o 1992 (seasons or ’89, ’90 and ’91), I believe led the county in receiving for two seasons, his junior and senior seasons.
    Again, they would both be pissed at me for bringing it up, so consider this an ‘anonymous’ tip, but I’m sure their kids, wives and mom’s would love it.
    How would I go about (anonymously) getting this information to the CIF office and getting them placed where they both should be?
    I love your site. Thanks,
    Justin J. Schaeffer
    Resource Teacher, Head Football Coach, and Track & Field Coach
    Murrieta Mesa High School
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