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Tales From The American Football League – “Preserving the legacy of the AFL”

Kearny High Alumni Association and Kearny High School
put together football videos (and more) from Kearny back to about 1957. Worth a look, as it includes the CIF game for 1973, and much more. It really shows what progressive coaches that Tom Barnett and Birt Slater were.

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  1. Matt Peralta says:

    Rick, for the past 10-12 months I’ve been compiling “all-time performance lists” for Kearny’s boys and girls track (dating back as far as 1951) which I’d like to share with you. Please e-mail me at and I’ll be happy to pass it along — as well as to any interested Komets (or non-Komets) reading here. Thank you for all your non-stop, meticulous (hard) work!

    • Rick says:

      Send ’em on, Matt. If I can be of any assistance….My favorite Komets track athlete was Ed Buchanan, although there have been a lot of outstanding runners up there on the Mesa.

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